· Made beaded strands of hematite with delicate chain detail
· Crafted and shipped within 7-10 days

Gorgeous, completely unique and reminiscent of early Hollywood glam, these earrings are knockout accessories that instantly transform your look. Graceful chains hang from the strung stones, providing unequivocal allure.

Store in a case to prevent damage. Do not twist stones or wires. In case of debris or buildup, hand wash in lukewarm water with neutral soap. For best results, have a jeweler perform cleanings with an ultrasonic cleaning system.

Length: 15 cm / 5.9 in
Weight: 17 gr / 0.6 oz

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Meet the artisan

LUCA RUBINI - Città di Castello, Italy

A master goldsmith, Luca left high school for trade school at the age of 14, quickly catching the attention of his professors. To his day, Luca has never sketched a design, confessing he can’t draw. All of his designs spring from his vivid imagination, and combined with his 30+ years of expertise in gemology, it’s easy to see how Luca's business has grown by word-of-mouth from a one-man gig in his garage to a bustling workshop and runway sensation.

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