Hardware Material

· Made from 100% calfskin leather with metal accents
· Crafted and shipped within 3-4 weeks 
· An alternate option to add a pop of color to The Satchel 

While all of The Satchel bags come with a removable shoulder strap in the same color as its bag, we love having extras to swap out for a fun pop of color to match our mood. This leather strap made of the finest full-cycle Italian leather as The Satchel bags. 

To clean, wipe dry with a damp cloth. Do not use soap.

Strap length: 5.5 - 12 inches

Meet the artisan

LE PANIER Team - Acireale, Italy

Le Panier was founded by a young, modern, and gifted crew from Sicily who has broken the mold of the traditional artisan archetype. They believe in shaping the beauty of each product by hand and communicating the positive energy of their serene and uplifting environment through each handbag. In just three years, their demonstration of mastery in leatherwork has them producing work directly for the world’s most prestigious Italian luxury brands.