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· Made from 100% Vachetta leather, the only type of leather that gets more valuable with time
· Crafted and shipped within 7-10 days

The Elena bag's younger sister, this tote has a striking, yet simple, hand-woven pattern. Made from the famed Vachetta leather, a luxurious type of leather that's is very light to start, but as it’s exposed to wear and tear, it typically darkens, developing a gorgeous, deep tan color known as a patina. It's the kind of bag that you will treasure for years to come. Also available in a larger, rectangular tote version, the Elena.

Store the product in the dust bag to keep away from moisture.
Do not use any leather soaps, cleaners, or conditioners that contain lanolin.
Do not rub denim color transfers or other dry stains, simply remove by using an uncolored or natural pencil eraser.

Height: 16.5 in / 42 cm
Width: 16 in / 41 cm
Depth: 3 in / 8 cm

Meet the artisan

ER.CAN - Sant’Elpidio a Mare, Marche

Handwoven leather purses, shoes and even furniture have been coming out of Er.Can in Italy's Le Marche region since 1982, when part-owner Francesco Filomeni’s parents first founded the company. Meticulously hand woven from 150-200 meters of leather string, each Er.Can satchel has a one-of-a-kind beauty that literally stops admirers on the street, which is a true testament to the skill, patience and quality with which their bags are made.