The Laura Flat in Lace

U.S. Size
· Made of a lace detailed upper with a leather sole
· Handcrafted
· Runs true to size
· Ships within 10 days

The Laura Flat in Lace is handcrafted in Italy made from a lace detailed upper with a fabric reinforced toe cap and heel, and a 100% Italian leather sole. Leather covers the outer sole of the shoe, which features an anti-slip rubber insert on the heel to add comfort and sure footing. The slight heel and subtle pointed toe make these a simple, luxe yes for any outfit.

To clean, use a quality leather cleaning soap and gently wipe with a clean, damp cloth.

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Meet the artisan

PROSPERINE - Arezzo, Tuscany

Prosperine, a footwear factory based in Subbiano, Arezzo, was founded in 1970 by Giancarlo Cerofolini and Mirella Prosperi. In the 1990s, their children Marco and Laura joined the company, and have become the commercial and marketing soul of Prosperine. "We produce high range footwear for women and girls," explain the owners. "In particular, we are specialized in 'sack' ballerina flats, an item for which we are in high demand. We are organized to carry out the entire production process in-house, but we also employ some trusted subcontractors operating within 20 km of our headquarters." The company produces footwear for many of the top international luxury brands but also produces its own “Prosperine” brand with lines of women’s and girls’ footwear that are distributed throughout Italy and in the principal international markets.

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