It’s unmistakable, the way the light glows in Tuscany. It illuminates the frayed edge of a cypress pine. It warms your bare skin pressed against a villa’s stone.



There’s an effortless ease here and you want to soak it up, surrounded by simple beauty. In Italy, everything reads like a poem, including the things made to wear. A scarf, such as one made by Laura Milani, becomes a flag to pause the time. Her prized silk offers an elegant design to make a statement wherever you need it. Slow down, turn the page, take a sip.

Here, the details get discovered. Everything has a story, and there’s always more than meets the eye. Take one of the Filomeni family’s woven Elena or Anna tote bags. It holds anything you could possibly need, with such artistic excellence that many (will) stop and stare.

“It’s rare now that things hold our attention. We buy things to abandon them. We distance ourselves from the possibility of more.”


What we wear can truly make who we are. Not because image matters, but intention. When we surround ourselves with things of meaning, we’re reminded that we hold it too. Life is a continual weaving of our smallest moments.

And in Italy, those moments feel easier to appreciate. From quiet pauses to laughter with friends, we collect the blessings to carry them with us -- deeply grateful to those who’ve made it un po’ di più bella along the way.

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