About us


Milaner was started by a team of Italian women to honor their roots through a more authentic and sustainable approach to making and selling luxury goods.


This Is Where
Our Founders
Grew up

Milaner was started by a team of Italian women who grew up in the heart of one of the largest luxury manufacturing districts in Central Italy. They met in high school where they bonded over buying custom-made boots from the local artisans. Their mission is to heal the growing disconnect amongst artisans, brands and customers, and  to return to authenticity and sustainable practices.


The Best
At What They Do

We work exclusively with Italian and French luxury artisans who spent their whole lives mastering their craft, and whose heritage and existence are threatened. Our production is based on small batches, no-waste policy and on real, warm relationships. Our timeless products are a testament to their incredible wealth of skills, traditions and dedication.

We are craftsmanship-driven.

We constantly search through our luxury artisan partners's archives with the goal of finding timeless vintage-inspired styles, and updating them with our own aesthetic. We let our partners collaborate on the design process by incorporating traditional techniques they specialize in.

Why Milaner?

Here, we honor the origin. The word “milliner” comes from “Milaner,” a nod to Italy and to our very first artisan partnership with Veronica Marucci, a milliner from Le Marche. She now has her own atelier in Paris and regularly releases Veronica Marucci X MILANER collections.

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