About us

The world’s best artisans.
Telling their stories and selling direct to consumer
for the very first time.

This is where our founders Elisa and Serena grew up.

In Italy’s Le Marche region, artisans regularly manufacturing for the world’s premier luxury labels were doing so in workshops right next door. For decades no one knew their name, and many of these artisans never received the credit they deserved for their talent. 

MILANER makes this connection.

We travel around Italy meeting with talented craftspeople we find primarily through word-of-mouth. We look for the rare ones, those who have spent their whole lives mastering a specific craft and often preserving a family business. As a result, their collections are made of iconic, category-defining essentials of unsurpassed quality and beauty. 

Our artisan partners are at the forefront.

We connect our luxury artisan partners with their customers on a first-name basis, bringing their products to life through insider access and never-told-before stories. Technology can be a great thing when it increases real human connection, and our mission is to take traditional craftsmanship into the future using that philosophy.

(PS: Pictured are Elisa, Francesco and Serena from the MILANER team meeting with our partner, Pergolesi.)

Veronica Marucci


Here, we honor the origin. The word “milliner” comes from “Milaner,” a nod to our very first artisan partnership with Veronica Marucci, a milliner from Le Marche and a childhood classmate of Elisa’s. She now has her atelier in Paris, France and you can find her collection of hats and headbands here.