Our Impact

Our Impact

We work exclusively with Italian and French luxury artisans who have spent their lives mastering
their craft - a heritage increasingly threatened by fast fashion and the breakneck pace of a global economy.

At Milaner, we’re motivated by the real, warm relationships we have with these artisans. Our made-to-order, no-waste production policy honors their wealth of skill, tradition and dedication while keeping sustainability a primary goal, along with traceability and transparency. It’s our mission to create a future that intertwines generational wisdom with positive, progressive change, and our timeless products are a testament to just how beautiful that can be.


Artisan Partners

Preserve traditional luxury artisans and the role of craftsmanship in manufacturing.
Our artisan partners use techniques and materials to realize superior quality products meant to last - and pass down.

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Small Batches

Focus on small batches with made-to-order timing, creating less waste than traditional mass production.


Pay It Forward

With every purchase, we donate $1 and each customer can choose to donate it to one of three charitable organizations working for women’s rights, restoration of the land or protection of aquatic reefs.

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