Veronica Marucci x Milaner

Veronica Marucci

Introducing “Made By”, limited-edition pieces designed by the world's top tastemakers, made by Europe's top luxury artisans


Discover our latest hat collection crafted by the one and only, Veronica Marucci. Our very first artisan partner, Veronica’s creations are an exquisite blend of Italian design and French taste that are as timeless as they are beautiful. These are pieces you’ll wear for decades.


Born in Le Marche, Veronica runs her own atelier in Paris where she makes each hat by hand. She finds the art in everything, translating cues of inspiration into wearable masterpieces that will become any outfit’s crowning moment.

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Veronica Marucci

Veronica was born and raised in the Marche region of Italy, where the origins of careful craftsmonship are ingrained in its long-standing tradition of italian luxury manufacturing.While she was was always drawn to fashion, Veronica’s truly life-changing moment came when she built upthe courage to seek out and ring the doorbell of an icon in the millinery industry, with the goal of learning from the best.

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