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Pretty Little Fawn X MILANER

"I'm both an actress and a blogger living in Los Angeles. I started working in film and television as a child, and started my blog in 2011 as a way for me to share my favorite outfits put together from vintage pieces.  My personal style draws upon vintage silhouettes and fabrics, and always with a nod to coziness and warm tones. It's just what I'm drawn to, and I love being able to share my favorite looks on PrettyLittleFawn."


Audrey Leighton X MILANER

" My style is classic, retro-inspired -- I'm drawn to simple sophistication and muted, soft colors. I've always been an avid wearer of both silk scarves and hats, and yet it's difficult to find the perfect ones. So, I decided to bring my own perfect versions of both to life alongside MILANER. "


Khrystyana X MILANER

"My name is Khrystyana. I am a curve model and a self-love advocate from New York City. For years I’ve been wanting to create the perfect backpack for anyone who carries “their entire life” in their bag — laptop, shoes, cosmetics bag, an extra outfit, camera, portfolio. Working as a model in NYC, you have to be prepared for anything, while always looking sleek..."