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Jag Lever’s Vision

I’m an artist & influencer from Michigan, currently living in Brooklyn NYC. My style has always garnered a celestial element which inspired this collection! I was so excited to work with Milaner because of their incredible attention to detail and craftsmanship.

Her Inspiration

“I’ve always been very drawn to space and celestial elements growing up in the suburbs and I love astrology! I wanted to create a celestial bag and scarf that can be worn year-round and always remind us of nature, the sky and all of its beauty.”

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Meet the Scarf Artisans


In the beginning of her career, Laura Milani
began with her first handmade collection in
a small workshop. Within the last 60 years, 
her passion for tradition and a taste for
modernity has flourished into a successful 
business which bases its research on the fabric’s 
quality and the continuous investigation of
 customer preferences.

Meet the Bag Artisans



Gabriele Di Nardo Di Maio and his wife Amalia started Nadir in 1979. Year after year, little by little, they built a versatile and expert team of master leather artisans who have collaborated with the biggest names in the luxury industry, specializing in every aspect of handbag making. They believe in upholding the highest degree of professionalism in every aspect of their work and their rigorous approach has paid off. The Val Vibrata area in Abruzzo has for decades been one of the cradles of craftsmanship in Central Italy, and the Di Nardo Di Maio family has always contributed to a strong sense of community in this region by regularly sharing and collaborating on projects with its other manufacturers.

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