Claudia & Sofia are the creators of Erato, a profile where they pay homage to la Dolce Vita. For them, this resides in Italy and the Mediterranean, in large tables filled with food and laughter, in glasses of wine that are always half full, and in life’s slow rhythms shared with great love.





Great adventures deserve a spectacular bag. The Classic Elena in Vachetta leather is perfect for a day spent wandering. Bring the Mini Elena in taupe suede along for evenings, embellished with a Silk Scarf.  

“The Elena is as timelss

as the country it's crafted in.”


 Through their advice, they invite you to get lost in everything that, as Italians, they have the immense good fortune to call their “artistic and cultural heritage.” 

Today, they’re taking us around Rome.



The Machines and the Gods: This collection of classical statues housed inside a former hydroelectric power station creates a beautiful contrast with old machinery. It’s one of Rome’s municipal museums and is definitely one of a kind.

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Casual yet structured, the Alanna Canvas Tote feels right at home amongst works of art.


Walking through the markets of Rome means totally immersing yourself in the city’s authentic spirit. Let yourself imagine daily scenes of the Forum during imperial times, between the sounds, smells, voices and a thousand faces that you’ll meet.


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Market days are meant for both the Filipa Canvas Tote and the Alanna Canvas Tote. Durable enough for artichokes and a great bottle of wine, stylish enough to still feel put together.


 This is a classic Roman trattoria in the heart of Trastevere with the best fried zucchini flowers ever, and we’ve tasted so many! Trying is believing!

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Choose your favorite Marche Hat for a day spent in the sun. Handcrafted from lightweight vegetable fiber to complete an outfit and bring some shade

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