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Cogey’s Vision

I’m a creator of faux-vintage inspired content, oftentimes astrology related, and fashion is always my favorite way to step into a character. Scarves are such a fun way to add personality to every outfit, and I am so excited to be working with Milaner to make this astrology scarf come to life!

Her Inspiration

I wanted to create a retro skinny scarf that is made of high quality vegan materials that would be a fabulous gift for any astrology lover. I love that it gives a chic, dark vibe with vintage-inspired zodiac sign illustrations. A true classic piece that will spark conversations everywhere you go.

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Meet the Scarf Artisans


In the beginning of her career, Laura Milani
began with her first handmade collection in
a small workshop. Within the last 60 years, 
her passion for tradition and a taste for
modernity has flourished into a successful 
business which bases its research on the fabric’s 
quality and the continuous investigation of
 customer preferences.

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