The bell echoes from its tower in the center. Birds flutter about the piazza while pilgrims visit the cathedral. It’s a magnificent baroque display dedicated to Maria Santissima Annunziata.

But listen even closer and you’ll hear the creative heartbeat of Acireale, Sicily. Just around the corner, to the tune of sewing pedals and scissor cuts, the master artisans of Le Panier bring their vision to life. In just three years, Michele, Rosario, and Chiara have scaled their leather work into contracts with the world’s top luxury labels. Every bag of theirs is formed by hand. Each item a work of art.

That La Panier’s workshop is located in Acireale, a hub of history, culture, and beauty, should come as no surprise as soon you hear these artisans speak about their work. Skill and talent is obvious; it’s their passion that’s electric.

“Craftsmanship is the foundation upon which we’re trying to build something modern...that gives us pleasure.”


Myths and legends are the fabric of Sicily. There’s a Greek myth in Ovid’s Metamorphoses that says Acireale was formed when a young shepherd fell in love with a nymph, who was also adored by a cyclops. Out of jealousy, the cyclops killed the shepherd and the nymph turned his blood into a river. Acireale sits on that river’s path.

Today, Le Panier captures the same spirit of storytelling but through their vision, enduring identity, and wearable love. To own their work is to carry a piece of Acireale wherever your pursuits take you -- remembering that beauty is within reach at any moment.

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