Rhythm and flow. All at once the ocean feels chaotic and yet measured, marked by something bigger but free to do what it wills. Such partnerships are often found in good design.



Brothers Roberto and Fabrizio Pancani should know. They started their handbag business together over a decade ago in Florence, utilizing natural materials like straw to take what’s wild and make it functional… just for you.

A seaside escape can be more than a vacation. It’s a reconnection, a reminder. We smell the salty air and hear the seagulls calling to friends. We close our eyes and listen to the crash of the tide. This, surely, must be the soundtrack of peace.

“At the beach we’re swimming in nature. We long to be a greater part of it, surrounded by that which fits right in. We find freedom in switching off the phone.”


Time slips leisurely by. We carry only what we need, and remember how few things that actually amounts to. A towel, a glass water bottle, maybe a book or journal -- and something that holds it all. The perfect bag will last a lifetime, so we keep it close.


Tomorrow we’ll find another spot. Toes in the sand. Eyes on the horizon. Wading out to sea.


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