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The world’s top tastemakers meet

 Europe’s top luxury artisans 

Audrey Leighton’s Vision

I'm an influencer, photographer & vintage boutique owner based between Barcelona and Paris. My style is classic, retro-inspired -- I'm drawn to simple sophistication and muted, soft colours. I'm passionate about literature, art and everything historical. As a woman in the fashion industry, I'm incredibly enthusiastic about quality and craftsmanship, which is why I'm so thrilled to have collaborated with MILANER on the launch of my two absolute go-to accessories. "

Her Inspiration

" I've always been an avid wearer of both silk scarves and hats, and yet it's difficult to find the perfect ones. So, I decided to bring my own perfect versions of both to life alongside MILANER. The accessories I designed pay homage to retro styles, especially Parisian and Italian old women and men - who always seem to own the most delightfully chic scarves and hats. I love the look of a vintage hat with a stiff brim and I've always been attracted to the look of a silk scarf tied effortlessly to a worn leather handbag. "

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Pure Silk

" My dream for the scarf was to create an accessory made from the finest 100% Italian silk. MILANER connected me with the artisans at MILANI in Como, Italy who have been making silk scarves for the biggest luxury houses for decades. Working with their team, we were able to design a scarf that brought my vision to life. "

The Perfect Hat

" The hats are crafted in Montappone, Italy, which is the top millinery district in Europe for the finest luxury hats. It was enchanting to work with a family owned business that has been making beautiful hats for decades. They truly put their love and craftsmanship into each piece they produce. "

Collaborating with MILANER

" I wanted to create quality pieces that could last a lifetime. I am very resistant to fast fashion and trends, and instead I take pride in investing in quality pieces that will stand the test of time. Fashion is an art and the modern world has somewhat abandoned that idea. I appreciate how MILANER works with artisans all over Europe to bring their customers beautifully crafted fashion items. I am so proud of both pieces and their quality is especially noteworthy --  both pieces are art! "

Meet the Scarf Artisans


In the beginning of her career, Laura Milani
began with her first handmade collection in
a small workshop. Within the last 60 years, 
her passion for tradition and a taste for
modernity has flourished into a successful 
business which bases its research on the fabric’s 
quality and the continuous investigation of
 customer preferences.

Meet the Hat Artisans



Benito Mochi and Rosa Dichiara are the husband wife duo behind Di Chiara Rosa Hats. The company was founded in 1985  in the world-renowned district of Montappone, which is the world's capital of luxury millinery. They have grown the company to what it is today by having large international clients spreading the beauty of their hats all over the world. Benito and Rosa have passed their expertise down to their children, who are carrying the torch with pride for their family's traditions while experimenting with new models and techniques.

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