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Khrystyana's Vision

My name is Khrystyana. I am a curve model and a self-love advocate from New York City. For years I’ve been wanting to create the perfect backpack for anyone who carries “their entire life” in their bag — laptop, shoes, cosmetics bag, an extra outfit, camera, portfolio. Working as a model in NYC, you have to be prepared for anything, while always looking sleek. I’ve gone through too many expensive backpacks. Ones that couldn’t carry the weight and ripped. Others that hurt my shoulders. 

Bringing the Vision to Life

The Oversized City Backpack was conceived sparing no expense. This luxury, all-leather, oversized, unisex backpack features premium grade materials. The Italian-tanned calfskin leather is soft and supple, but has been treated to prevent stretching and ripping. The stitching throughout the entire structure is reinforced at every seam for extra hold. The backpack's oversized zipper is made of thick solid brass with Italian-galvanized gunmetal finishing. The teeth of the zipper are extra large for added strength. 

All About Gratitude

Collaborating with MILANER has been a dream come true for me. I’m originally from Siberia, Russia, where Italian craftsmanship has always had a special place in people's hearts. The artisans at Nadir loved my dream backpack, which makes me even prouder and grateful for what we made together. This is why I am so in love with the final product of this collaboration and I hope that those who thrive in busy lifestyles can adore it for years to come, the way I do.

Meet the Artisan


Gabriele Di Nardo Di Maio and his wife Amalia started Nadir in 1979. Year after year they built a versatile and expert team of master leather artisans who have collaborated with the biggest names in the luxury industry, specializing in every aspect of handbag making. Their rigorous approach to quality standards has paid off.  The Val Vibrata area in Abruzzo has for decades been one of the cradles of craftsmanship in Central Italy, and the Di Nardo Di Maio family has always contributed to a strong sense of community in this region by regularly sharing and collaborating on projects with its other manufacturers.

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