MILANER Sustainable Luxury Holiday Guide 2018

It might be the thought that counts, but it’s also what makes the unexpected  exceptional. We don’t want to waste any opportunity to show those we love just how appreciated and unique they are, which is why we believe in the gift of craftsmanship so strongly.
Our artisans make every bag, sweater and pair of shoes to order, pouring their generations of experience into each specific product. Many of them have manufactured exclusively for the world's top luxury names, and if you wanted to buy something directly from them, you had to travel to their Italian or French town, and buy it from the factory shop. We spent the last few years curating a selection of their very best products, those through which artistry, experience and materials could truly shine.
The result is something you can’t get anywhere else: unparalleled luxury quality, detailed customization, and true, wearable thoughtfulness.
No gift should ever reflect less.