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The world’s top tastemakers meet

 Europe’s top luxury artisans

Courtney Halverson's Vision

"I'm both an actress and a blogger living in Los Angeles. I started working in film and television as a child, and started my blog in 2011 as a way for me to share my favorite outfits put together from vintage pieces. Once my blog took off a few years ago, I was able to start to devote more time to a passion of mine - traveling. I've always had a serious case of wanderlust, so blogging tends to go hand in hand with that mentality. I'm inspired by the places I visit, and so many destinations have shaped my style. My personal style draws upon vintage silhouettes and fabrics, and always with a nod to coziness and warm tones. It's just what I'm drawn to, and I love being able to share my favorite looks on PrettyLittleFawn. " 

Her Inspiration

" With the arrival of Spring, I wanted to create a bag that would be perfectly at home when paired with a picnic, a bike ride, or a walk through the park.This crossbody feels so timeless to me, and can be worn with so many styles - it's so versatile. And of course, I am especially proud to be able to partner with the brilliant Italian Artisans who created this beautiful bag, and am honored to be able to support their work in this way. "


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Collaborating with MILANER

" I have always dreamt of creating a physical product, but have had no interest in working on a fast fashion line. I wanted to collaborate with people who shared my vision of creating something luxurious, while staying at the right price-point. MILANER helped me to realize that, and very quickly we found the right artisans to do the job. The artisan partners at Nadir have paid such careful attention to detail and delivered a purse that I am honored to put my name on, and one that I know I will carry for a lifetime. "


Meet The Artisans


Gabriele Di Nardo Di Maio and his wife Amalia started Nadir in 1979. Year after year they built a versatile and expert team of master leather artisans who have collaborated with the biggest names in the luxury industry, specializing in every aspect of handbag making. Their rigorous approach to quality standards has paid off.  The Val Vibrata area in Abruzzo has for decades been one of the cradles of craftsmanship in Central Italy, and the Di Nardo Di Maio family has always contributed to a strong sense of community in this region by regularly sharing and collaborating on projects with its other manufacturers.

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